Brash Skate and Create

The brilliant creative, community non-profit Brash Skate and Create is trying to raise funds.

Brash, set up by illustrator and skateboard coach, and all round good egg Harriet Alana, it teaches skateboarding and creative pursuits (such as zine making) to young people and adults.

Brash needs just £43 to hit their Kickstarter target and raise enough to get some new skateboard teaching set ups. Help out a great, grass roots project HERE!


Rachel Ang: The River


Rachel Ang kindly sent me a copy of her excellent, new one shot zine, The River.


The River is an A6 Risograph zine printed on  lovely thick paper. It’s about an unusual encounter with a river, told wordlessly over 6 pages. Because it’s a fold out, one shot, there’s some wonderful, bonus illustrations to uncover at the centre.


I’m a big fan or Rachel’s work and her storytelling style. Check out her zine shop at for more of her fantastic work.

Meat Free Monday: Spiced Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Soup


This is one of my favourite go-to soups that’s great for a hearty, warming lunch or dinner. If you make more than you need, then you can freeze some for an even quicker meal another day. There’s no potato in this soup, so it suits a number of different potato/starch avoidance diets (such as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet).

The main basic ingredients are cauliflower, butternut squash, carrots, onion and red lentils and it’s flavoured with cumin and coriander. It’s naturally sweet and flavourful, but you can also add a hot chilli kick too, if that’s what floats your boat.

It’s basically just a case of cooking it all down and blitzing it up with a hand blender. It can be made nice and thick and is filling enough for a main meal.

There’s also a variation on this same soup, but made with sweet potato instead of cauliflower, plus a red pepper. You could always use pumpkin instead of butternut squash, for an extra seasonal twist.

I forgot to take a nice photo of it in a bowl with a bread roll on the side etc, (too busy eating it) so a close up of the final blended soup is all I have:

Click ‘continue reading’ below the image for the full recipe and instructions:


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Kat Zine Issue Three

Issue 3 of Katriona Chapman‘s excellent Kat Zine is now available from her Etsy Shop. Since I came across issue 1 on a trip to London earlier in the year, I’ve been looking forward to each new issue.

Issue 3 is another beautifully illustrated combination of personal insights and travelogue. It’s interesting, informative and thoughtfully written with gentle humour.

Her illustrations are drawn in pencil and coloured and textured digitally, giving her work an instantly recognisable, unique look. It’s printed on lovely textured paper too which make for a real quality publication.

Buy the new issue, back issue bundles or subscribe to four issues a year at her Etsy shop:

Chris Bourke’s 50 Skulls Project

Lino Print artist Chris Bourke has produced 50 different, individually hand painted lino printed skulls for el Jimador Tequila.

The intricately decorated prints, made with a combination of watercolour, acrylic paint and gold leaf, were produced for their annual Day of the Dead celebrations. Video clips, process shots and more images of the 50 Skulls, plus the chance to win one, can be found on the el Jimador UK Facebook page – HERE.


Meat Free Mondays: Baked Sweet Potato


I’m no culinary expert but I do enjoy making my own DIY dinners from scratch, avoiding processed/readymade food as much as possible. As a predominately veggie/vegan household I thought I’d start posting some recipes and participate in the Meat Free Monday campaign. Even if you never intend to be fully vegetarian for ethical reasons, avoiding meat for health benefits or environmental concerns is growing in popularity, with the pro veggie arguments stacking up against the cons.

Here’s one of my favourite hearty, Autumn-Winter warmers: filled baked sweet potato.

Baked sweet potatoes are incredibly delicious and the filling is a tasty mix of nutritious vegetables and lentils. This recipe can be adapted and made with whatever seasonal veggies, lentils and beans etc, you have to hand.

Click on ‘continue reading’ below for the full recipe and instructions of how I like to make this delicious dish.

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Washed Ashore: Serious Sculpture

I spotted this on today – a great feature on  Washed Ashore, the non-profit community organisation education people on the plastic disaster in the world’s oceans, through their awesome yet very depressing sculpture exhibitions.

Each of the sea themed beastie sculptures (made under the direction of lead artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi) are made from just a fraction of the tonnes of plastic found in the sea or washed up on beaches. The facts are more than alarming: 300 million pounds of plastic is produced each year with less than 10% of that recycled. Ugh.

See more photos from the original article on and find more about the work of this project at

The DIY Eye: Expanding the Vision


It’s been a bit quiet on The DIY Eye for the last few months but the break has given me chance to think about new content for the blog and how to expand it now that The DIY Eye is a year old.

I started The DIY Eye as a way of bringing together my interests in DIY art and zine culture, and background as a writer in that field. I started writing and blogging about DIY arts and subculture back in 2003 and that developed into four books and regular writing work for two arts magazines. Since then I’ve gone on to organise small exhibitions, got into larger vintage and DIY craft themed events and flea markets, co-wrote a vintage book and co-curated a large vintage fashion exhibition.

Although seemingly very different, everything I’ve worked on has been done with the same DIY mentality: making and creating things (whether events, writing, art, zines etc) with and for others, as well as for myself. It’s all been as much about ‘Do it Ourselves’ as Do it Yourself, finding friends and a community of likeminded people with the same interests and ideas for making things happen.

It’s interesting reflecting on the links between the different things I’ve been involved in, and clearly seeing the DIY thread throughout. This in turn has made me think of DIY as a wider mentality and dare I say ‘lifestyle’, which embraces so many more things, much wider than arts-related topics alone. For me personally that includes making more conscious decisions about how I spend my money, what I read, watch, do, how I cook and eat, and how I think and participate in issues such as politics, society, the environment, philosophy, health and well being.

So in the coming weeks I’ll be expanding The DIY Eye to include wider aspects of ‘DIY life’ alongside features and content on arts and zines culture.




There’s still plenty of zines and other bits and bobs on offer from The DIY Eye Etsy shop, including The DIY Eye Issue One, The Art of Being Awkward and This Is Ours zines.

We now also stock Chris Bourke’s artist book/zine If The Wind Won’t Serve Take to the Oars – a fantastic 28 page zine of 25 individual linocuts that make up a wordless story of a journey over the sea.

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