Defining MDF and Uses

MDF is medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood made by breaking down wood remain or residuals into fibres. This is mixed with a defibrillator and a resin binder is added along with wax. This is then used in forming panels through the process of applying heat and pressure. Among the things made from MDF are MDF skirting boards.

MDF skirting boards are denser than normal wood and much stronger but it is also a lot heavier. They can be used in skirting walls, window and door frames. They are cost effective and eco- friendly and are designed and coloured to look exactly like their wooden counterpart. They are easy to work with and install. They are perfect for DIY projects as the price allows for trial and error. Needless to say, we expect that they can be recycled once again but alas, that is not the case. It cannot be recycled.

· The hollowed models of the skirtings are used to pass electric cords and pipes for a cleaner finished look in your project.

· Can be used in panelling the same as real wood.

· Skirting made from MDF come in all shapes and functions.

· MDF skirting gives very heavy-duty products that are also long lasting such as stairs.

· They come in the colour you want, you do not have to paint them.

· Flooring is exceptionally beautiful and give the feel and look of real wooden floors or parquet.

· Varied finishing and surface paints.

Your home is your own private haven, a place that every nook and cranny you want to utilize and make it a stamp of your imagination. So, you need a material to work with that can be utilized in an uncountable number of ways and still not leave you bankrupt. These eco-friendly skirtings will satisfy all your needs and so much more.