Skate Girls of Kabul

Skate Girls of Kabul is an exhibition of photography by Jessica Fulford-Dobson opening at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 15th April 2015. The exhibition includes the award winning portrait ‘Skate Girl’ – above.

If you haven’t heard of the work of Skateistan then do look them up. They’re a non-profit organisation working in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia, to empower, educate and provide opportunities for young people through skateboarding.


Pick Up A Crumb

London based Crumb Cabin are running a monthly competition for 6 months, for artists to design a duotone Riso print poster.

Each month has a different theme and the winning entries will be produced by them and sold for non-profit purposes. All funds from the sales go towards putting on an exhibition of all the winning posters in October.

If you’d like to submit an entry or find out more (submission guidelines etc) visit

Crumb Cabin also provide Riso printing services for posters, flyers, zines and more. Visit there main website at for full details on services and prices.

Print, Make, Wear


Print, Make, Wear is a new release from Laurence King Publishing. It’s by Melanie Bowles, a textile designer and senior lecturer in Digital Textile Design, and The People’s Print, an online resource and community, co-founded by Bowles.

Print, Make, Wear lifts the lid on digital textile design and explains all the techniques required to make your own designs using Photoshop and Illustrator, in accessible step by step guides using 11 different project tutorials.


Several of the projects have been produced by other contributing designers, and are based on classic textile decoration techniques or designs such as plaid, patchwork, embroidery, cross-stitch and tie-dye. It’s a interesting to see these traditional, time-consuming, craft techniques reimagined and reproduced as accessible digital designs and patterns.


Some of the projects such as the floral one above, involve some ‘hands on’ process. In this instance painting some unique, black floral shapes to be scanned and converted, coloured and built up into a complex looking floral repeat pattern, inspired by the great Liberty floral fabrics.

Other projects in the book show you how to turn illustrations, colouring in and photographs into bold, digital pattern designs.


Each project requires basic Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator knowledge and differ in complexity,  but the simple step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. The book doesn’t show you how to make any actual garments, it’s all about the fabric patterns here – the finished garments are merely a visual demonstration of what you could make and how you could wear your handmade fabric.


The Foreword pushes the DIY philosophy of the book: “The DIY design revolution is at your finger tips with Print, Make, Wear” and it certainly is. The book gives you all the tools and experience you need to go forth and create your own, unique designs and turn them into whatever you wish from clothing to home furnishings, with the emphasis on individual creativity.

The back of the book contains a very useful resource with lists of digital fabric printers who will print small runs, as well as tips for making your new fabric into something wearable. There’s also a list of which patterns were used to make the garments in the photos, if you wanted to reproduce what’s in the book.

Print, Make, Wear is published on 23rd March 2015 and will be available from all good book sellers. It’s also available directly from the publishers HERE.

Geoff McFetridge: Studies

Geoff McFetridge has a new book out through Nieves. Studies as the name suggests, is a book of drawings and images that were mostly studies for other paintings. McFetridge explains:

“I have always been interested in creating work that lies between image and language: Imagery that your mind reads as language rather than being seen as

spatial or physical things. These pictures are for me a way to induce a misfiring of our mind, to have something resonate with the viewer.”

The book is 32 pages, 18 x 22.5 cm and $20. It can be purchased direct from Nieves HERE.

Lion Paw: Not-For-Profit Arts Event This April

Anonymous gift-giving project This Must be For You and arts blog and creative collective YOUNG GOLD TEETH have teamed up to host and curate Lion Paw – a not-for-profit event on Saturday 4th April at The Shacklewell Arms, London (E8 2EB).

Expect a jam-packed line-up of live music from a host of new bands, plus an exhibition and mini art fair featuring some amazing creatives and independent businesses.

The art market will have a twist: Illustrators, fine artists, print-makers, ceramicists and more will be selling their wares, but they’ll also be giving work away as part of a huge gift-giving raffle. Lots of talented artists, independent publications and businesses are getting involved with this and they are still welcoming donations – so get in touch with them if you’d like to get involved.

They’ve got some of their favourite new bands from all over the world playing throughout the day and late into the evening. These include Post LouisShadow CultureHundredsNathan Ball and Tusks with more to be announced. There’ll also be DJs playing the late shift, merch stands, screen printing, goodie bags, and much more to discover.

Join This Must Be For You and YOUNG GOLD TEETH in encouraging altruism, celebrating and supporting creatives, and spreading a little kindness.

There’s free entry, free gifts, great music, and a few extra surprises on the day. Definitely sounds like one not to be missed!

Sticker Bomb Skate: 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers


Sticker Bomb Skate: 150 Skateboard Stickers is the latest Sticker Bomb book by Studio Rarekwai for Laurence King Publishing. The book features classic skateboard stickers from five US skateboard companies.


Each featured company: Girl, Alien Workshop, Toy Machine, Real and Santa Cruz, has a chapter dedicated to it with a brief overview of each company and an interview with someone in charge of putting the company’s iconic artwork out into the world.


The interviewees are Andy Jenkins, Art Director at Girl, Ed Templeton, pro skater and creator of Toy Machine, Mike Hill, co-founder and Creative Director of Alien Workshop, Jim Thiebaud co-founder of Real and Jim Phillips whose name and artwork are synonymous with Santa Cruz.


The brief intro by SRK acknowledges the book is celebrating skateboarding’s important influence and legacy within the sticker scenes, as well as the difficulty of choosing just 5 companies to best represent the visuals of skateboarding.


The 150 classic Skateboard sticker images are fully peelable and stickable, and the book includes Jim Phillips’s iconic ‘Screaming Hand’ for Santa Cruz and some of the original Alien Workshop designs. If you’ve ever skateboarded, collected skate stickers and/or are interested in pop/subcultural design classics, this book is a must have. There’s lots of nostalgia packed in here for skaters from the 80s and 90s too.

The big question is: To peel or not to peel?! If like me you’ve a soft spot for stickers then you’ll be highly tempted to buy two of these, one to keep pristine and one to peel and stick at will.

Sticker Bomb Skate: 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers is released on the 30th March at all good book sellers, and will be available to buy direct from the publishers HERE.

Zines: Draw by Four #2 + Deep Blue


The lovely Rachel Ang kindly sent me two of her latest zines: Draw by Four Issue 2 and Deep Blue, a collaboration with Ace Wagstaff.


The first issue of Draw by Four was all about childhood (read The DIY Eye’s review here) issue two is entitled The Craft and contains short stories that explore ‘the pleasure and struggle of making things’.


There’s 6 stories in all ranging from one to 4 pages and the zine is 23 pages in total. Issue two really picks up the baton where Issue 1 left off and runs with it. It feels more polished and I particularly love the style of this issue, the looseness of the ink or watercolour illustrations, combining perfectly with Rachel’s natural deftness for storytelling.


The stories combine elements of dreams, imagination and discuss bigger issues with hints of darkness, such the nature of existence, reality and creation. These are interspersed with larger illustrated works that relate to the stories. There’s a futuristic story called ‘Infinite Space’ about the first artist-in-residence in space. I was pleased to see that this story is ‘to be continued’ as Rachel’s clarity and accomplished storytelling really lends itself to longer story arcs. You can buy this zine here. I’m already looking forward to issue 3!

Gif from:

More big themes with a hint of Sci Fi are investigated in Deep Blue, a collaborative zine between Rachel and Ace Wagstaff, on the subject of Art and Magic. The title Deep Blue is taken from the name of the first computer programme to have beaten a chess champion. The zine is 23 pages with 4 stories, two by each artist. The front cover is by Ace and the back is by Rachel.


The eponymous first story imagines the computer programme’s self aware, philosophical musings stuck in post-apoloclyptic nothingness, as well as its fondness for the moon.


Rachel Ang’s Dreams questions the nature of creativity and efforts to capture the pure creativity of the subconscious.


Ace Wagstaff’s Minimal Reserve 2: Scratch & Hiss silently explores transformative abstract aesthetics, and in the final story Alien, Rachel looks at the human experience or ‘game’ as she puts it through the eyes of an assimilated alien.

Deep Blue can be purchased HERE. Thanks again Rachel!

Paddle Against The Flow


Huck Magazine have released their first book Paddle Against The Flow through Chronicle Books. It’s a compendium of inspiring quotes from over 40 issues and nearly a decade of the magazine.


The book is split into sections: Life/Work/People/Change. Each section features quotes from 59 inspiring, iconic individuals from the fields of skateboarding and surfing, art, photography, film, books, music and more. As the cover succinctly puts it: ‘Lessons on life from doers, creators, and cultural rebels’. The list includes Cat Power, Kim Gordon, Mos Def, Mike D, Werner Herzog, Henry Rollins, Miranda July and many, many more. It’s a fantastic ‘who’s who’ of some of my favourite people on the planet and a testament to the quality of content from the magazine.


There’s a brilliant foreword by Douglas Coupland about advice and inspiration, plus a rousing intro by the magazine’s editor Andrea Kurland, dedicating the book to their “Generation DIY” readers and everyone who is, and keeps them ‘paddling against the flow’.


As someone who’s consistently paddled against said flow (more often than not finding myself stuck up a creek without the paddle) it’s always great to read these positive affirmations by others who’ve forged their own creative, DIY path through life. You might have to work harder, longer and for less money, but you’re doing what you love in a way that makes life work for you. Good stuff.


You can buy the book direct from Huck HERE, for a very reasonable £9.99.

Sergej Vutuc X Rich Jacobs

Two mighty zine makers Sergej Vutuc and Rich Jacobs have come together for a collaborative zine and show – I Don’t Have To Know You To Wave To You. 

The show opens at HVW8 in Berlin on 12th March. The limited edition zine is “an abstract attempt to further push the boundaries of what a zine is or is supposed to be. A collaborative effort that was done to see how far we could take it. It is a tribute to skate zine textures from the eighties but kinda remixed in a way, and then redrawn over and then copied over again. Trying to let the copier do its magic and take on its own properties. “

It runs until 2nd April 2nd, and there’s an artist talk with Sergej Vutuc on  Saturday 14th March 14th at 6 pm.